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Meet the Guardians of Eternity

Dante the PirateDante:   

I awoke a vampire on the nasty docks of London but soon forgot my humble beginnings.  My brother’s likened me to a pirate as I pillaged my way through the countryside, using my wicked beauty to seduce the endless hordes of women, and my warrior skills to take whatever else I might desire.  It was a life any man might envy.  Unfortunately, it all ended the night I was captured by a coven of witches and bound for an eternity to the Phoenix.  For three centuries I was held as their prisoner, forced to be the protector for the Goddess of Light.  It was a fate I would not have wished on my worse enemy.  At least not until the Phoenix was passed to the one woman who could reach the man beneath the monster. 


Viper the SnakeViper:

Although better known for my love for luxury and my nightclubs where anything is for sale at the right price, I am a fierce warrior who braved the battles of Durotriges to become a clan chief.  I have been told that I resemble a fallen angel with my long silver hair and midnight eyes, but there is nothing angelic in my fierce loyalty to my clan or my thirst to have the one woman who haunts my dreams.   From the moment I encountered the Shalott demon she had become my obsession.  I will do anything, sacrifice anyone, to have her.


Styx the Aztec WarriorStyx: 

My existence as a vampire has always been defined by my honor and duty.  For centuries I stood at the side of the Anasso, the great leader who united the vampire clans and created the laws that govern us.  Now I am the Anasso, the feared protector who possesses the power and authority to rule an entire race.  There is not a demon who would dare to cross swords with me, except the arrogant King of Weres who has thrown down the gauntlet by leaving his hunting grounds and proclaiming his independence.  To control the beast I have kidnapped a mysterious woman who the King of Weres is desperate to get his hands on.  A woman who is capable of bringing the most powerful, the most feared vampire in the world to his knees with nothing more than a kiss.        


Cesar the ConquistadorCezar:

My life as a Conquistador ended the night I became a vampire, but it did not change my love for conquering everything and everyone in my path.  Becoming a Conde in the Spanish court, I was the power behind countless thrones, altering the course of history and taking the most beautiful women as my lovers.  In time my travels brought me to Regency London.  I had come to free Dante from the coven of witches and instead stumbled headlong into a fate I could never have imagined and a mate I might never be allowed to claim.


Jagr the White Siberian TigerJagr:

A massive warrior with long, golden hair and icy blue eyes, he is a loner who retreated from the world after his endless years of torture. Scarred both on the outside and the inside, he is a dangerous predator who has no intention of being tamed. Not until Regan comes into his life.


One look at Harley leaves the powerful King of Weres consumed by one overriding need…to claim her as his mate. But first he must convince her to let go of her distrust of purebloods and to give into her own predatory desires.


The clan chief of London desires Juliet from the moment he catches sight of her across a crowded London ballroom. It didn't matter that she's half-imp and half-witch, or that she's determined to lead him straight into a battle with a Jinn that might very well destroy him. He intends to have her as his mate, or die trying.


Tane accepts his role as Charon, a vampire who hunts down his rogue brothers and executes them. His past has taught him the dangers of sentimental weakness. He's the last vampire in the world who should be chasing down a vulnerable Jinn half-breed who is protecting a child that could destroy the world, but once he takes Laylah in his arms he knows he can never let her go.


With the beauty of a fallen angel, Uriel is often underestimated. A mistake he's always swift to take advantage of as Victor's second in command. But none of his considerable powers help when he's forced to charge to the rescue of Kata and they are both sucked into the underworld. He must open his heart to the one female he finds impossible to trust if they're ever to escape hell.


When Ariyal's tribe of Sylvermysts (the evil cousin of fey) bargained with Morgana le Fey to keep them hidden among the mists of Avalon in return for them satisfying her insatiable lust for men and pain, Ariyal had been a favorite of the sadistic bitch. She'd been fascinated by the metallic sheen of his bronzed eyes and his long chestnut hair. But it'd been the lean, chiseled muscles of his body that she devoted hours to exploring. And torturing. Now he was free, and he was going to make damned sure that he was never imprisoned again. Unless it's in Jaelyn's arms.


The bad-boy pureblooded Were from Miami, Luc is tall, dark, and delectable. And oh-so dangerous. When he's hired by Sophia as her personable bodyguard, he's sworn to protect. And to seduce…


The one time cur was a born heartbreaker with his pale blond hair and surfer good looks. Just a glance from his pale blue eyes can make most women melt. But he's more than just playboy. Once he believed he was destined to be savior of curs, changing them into pureblooded Weres. Now he understands his fate is to protect Cassandra, the last prophet. And that if he fails, he will not only lose his mate, but his failure might very well be the end of the world.


One of Viper's most trusted soldiers, Santiago is a tall, raven haired vampire with dark, seductive eyes. Loyal to a fault, his one weakness is his bitterness toward his sire, Gaius, who abandoned him go through the Veil when he needed him the most. So when it's suspected that Gaius has become a traitor to his people, Santiago is willing to do whatever necessary to track him down. Even if it means teaming up with Nefri, the women he blames for luring his sire away.


The mysterious clan chief of Nevada is blessed with the bronzed beauty of his native American ancestors, with a pale silver eyes that are rimmed with black. His ability to read prophecies takes him from his clan to Chicago, but it's a more personal quest that keeps him from returning.




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