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Darkness EverlastingDarkness Everlasting

Guardians of Eternity
Book 3

May 2008
Zebra Paranormal

*RT Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominee for Best Vampire Romance of 2008!*

Two desires her love...the other her life...

Darcy Smith always sensed she was different from everyone else--if only she knew how different.  Possessing a secret strong enough to end an entire race of demons, Darcy unwittingly becomes a pawn in an epic battle between the vampires and the Weres as she discovers a new world filled with ecstasy--and dark passions.

Consumed with lust for Darcy, Styx--the Anasso of vampires--will do everything in his powers to keep her out of the lair of Salvatore Giuliani, the deadly leader of the Weres.  But protecting the woman he loves could cost Styx the ultimate price...

Salvatore Giuliani knows time is running out for the Weres.  Pushed to the brink of extinction, he will stop at nothing to make Darcy his ultimate conquest and queen--for she alone holds the key to his survival.

But which of these men can Darcy trust?  For all it takes is one bite to plunge her into a lifetime of servitude--or a lifetime of pleasure.

Succumb to eternal passion.


"Centuries of isolation have made this powerful hero completely clueless when it comes to human females, which produces a situation ripe with humorous opportunities.  Ivy again provides vast quantities of adventure, danger and sizzling passion, ensuring her place on the list of rising paranormal stars." -- Jill M. Smith, RT BookClub 4 1/2 Stars

Romance Junkies"Since reading EMBRACE THE DARKNESS, I have been looking forward to Styx’s story.  He caught my attention with his loyalty to the former Anasso and while he did not want to take the now deceased vampire’s place, I am glad he did.  A product of the ancient Aztecs, Styx is striking with his burnished brown skin and his long braided hair.  Like Darcy, I became enamored with him almost immediately.  Darcy’s characterization made me smile, and I often loved how she played upon Styx’s emotions and teased him.  The love they came to find with each other is truly eternal.

DARKNESS EVERLASTING releases in May 2008. Of course, after having read it, I now find myself craving even more from this talented author. I’m thinking that Salvatore’s story would be perfect as the next book in this wonderful and addicting series.  I wonder if he would be attracted to an enamored book reviewer who has a thing for Weres?" -- Romance Junkies




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